Gymnasium for Brain

Remember "Sky is the limit for those who try "

For years puzzles, mathematical or otherwise, have been very much part of our lives.

It is believed that solving puzzles not only exercises one's brain but also aids lateral thinking. And let us face it; it is a lot of fun.

As we solve the puzzles, it would be fascinating to find that there is always more than one way to arrive at a solution.

The key to solving puzzle is to approach the puzzle with clear mind and without any preset ideas.

I hope this site serves as a guide to people who would like to have fun solving puzzles and exercise their brain.Go ahead and have fun.

The following are the links for a few puzzles. As we develop this site, you would get to see more.

Come back and check out new puzzles.

Try These Now!!!

      - Warm up Puzzles
  1. GENTLEMAN AND TIES                   .   21.  BOXES OF FRUITS
  2. BUS PASSENGERS                             22. GUNSHOT
  3. CONSECUTIVE NUMBERS                     23. BROTHERS & SISTERS
  4. GOPI AND THE RACE                         24. BRAINY SHOPKEEPER
  5. MERRY GO ROUND                            25. SCOOP OF ICECREAM
  6. TWO DIGIT NUMBER                         26. HALF A HOLE
  7. WHO IS TALLER                              27. MAGICAL PLACES OF WORSHIP-1
  8. FIND "she"                                    28. VALUE OF XYZ
  9. MOTHER AND STAMPS                       29. SHATTERED CLOCK
  10. VALUES OF d & g                             30. MY CREDIT CARD
  11. SEND MORE MONEY                          31. CHAIN WITH 7 LINKS             
  12. FLOWER BASKET                             32. TRAIN AND A BIRD
  13. JUMPING MONKEY                           33. SQUARE FENCE
  14. THE GONG                                    34. GRANDMOTHER'S AGE
  15. RISING TIDE                                 35. PROBLEM OF THE CANDY BAR 
  16. PRINCE AND THE DRAGON                  36. THE LONG WAY AROUND 
  17. COCONUT TO LORD GANESHA              37. 100 BULBS 
  18. BARBER SHOP                                 38. SAREE AND BLOUSE
  19. COUNT TWO'S                               39. DRAWING A PAIR
  20. CAT AND THE DOG RACE                              40. MAGICAL PLACES OF WORSHIP-2

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